How to Add GT3 Video Gallery in Gutenberg?

How to Add GT3 Video Gallery in Gutenberg?

You GT3 Video Gallery can be easily created in the same way as a photo one. The only difference is that you have to assign a video URL for each image thumb. Let’s do that.

For example, you want to create a mix of photos and videos. Please note that each video must have a cover thumb. You have to use your own thumbs for Vimeo or YouTube videos as well.

Please follow these steps on how to add the gallery on your page

Each photo has 3 options (Edit, Video and Remove). Please click “Video” icon to add the video URL.

You will get a popup window with video options. You can choose different options for your video. The GT3 gallery plugin supports:

  • Self-hosted (uploaded into WordPress media)
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • External video (direct video link from external websites)

The supported file formats: m4v, mp4, webm, ogg, ogv, mov.

Choose the desired option and save the changes. The video will play in the lightbox. That’s all.

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